Represented brands

FÖRCH is one of Europe's largest suppliers of various tools, screws and chemicals
SORMAT is the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction materials in Northern Europe. The main products are anchors and dowels

Cooperation partners

REYHER is one of Europe's leading suppliers of various metal products - screws, nuts, washers and much more
DRESSELHAUS GmbH un Co. piedāvā plašu stiprinājumu produktu klāstu gan mēbeļu ražošanai gan auto nozarei
VISIMPEX A.S. offers quality fastening products for craftsmen, construction and specialized production
BiERBACH German company founded in 1855 is an experienced company manufacturer of nails and various fasteners
Schäfer + Peters GmbH is Europe's largest manufacturer of high-quality and stainless-steel fasteners
GebuVolco, established in 1947 in the Netherlands, is a European manufacturer and importer of products such as - reinforcements, wires for construction and production
PENOSIL is a company that manufactures joint sealants and construction foams
STONDER is a Latvian brand under which various car body repair materials are manufactured in several European countries
Norton is a subsidiary of the Saint Gobain group that produces a variety of abrasives - sandpaper, cutting discs, blade discs and more
3M is one of the world's largest and most innovative corporations in inventing and manufacturing new and unprecedented products

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