About Us


„TRIGERS” LTD has been successfully operating in the Latvian market since 1994. and is one of the leading companies in the fasterner industry. The company offers a wide range of screws, construction fasteners, construction chemicals, as well as car service equipment, car chemicals, tools and consumables in wholesale and retail. The company's goal is professional customer service - quality products, attractive price, fast delivery, and good service.

„TRIGERS” LTD cooperates with many European and Asian manufacturers providing its partners with high quality products for the best price and all needed documentation.

Now the company employs more than 30 professionals in their field who do their job with the utmost responsibility. The company is located in Pļavnieki industrial district where the total space exceeds 5000m2 where 3000m2 is Warehouse and the rest is divided between a large retail store and office space, as well company owns second warehouse for goods in big volume. The company has a wide assortment with a variety of screws and construction fasteners that are delivered to the most important construction sites and construction companies in Latvia. Every year the company sells large quantities of various screws and fasteners. The main goal of the company is to become one of the most important suppliers in the Baltic States with the widest assortment not only in the field of construction fasteners and screws, but also in the trade of various chemical, automotive tools and safety products.

What is FÖRCH?

Internationally developed group with strong connections in the regions. The most technologically advanced company, but very grounded and focused on the main one - the customer! This combination is also the main strength of FÖRCH.

TRIGERS main Forch representative in Latvia!

The company's history dates back to 1963, when Theo Förch set up a small screw shop in a German village, Neuenstadt-Kochertürn. With a constant sense of work and responsibility, as well as fulfilling the wishes of each customer, he is able to turn his small shop into a decently sized company.

Today, after more than 50 years, FÖRCH is one of the world's leading direct sales companies. The company supplies various assembly, fastening and chemical products to various car workshops, factories, as well as retail stores, as well as to anyone who needs a FÖRCH product. Despite such good sales success, the company has never lost its sense of „reality” and has always stayed on the ground. FÖRCH sales representatives will always speak the customer's language and will always be happy to help the customer and dedicate their time to him.

For the Customer to be able to focus on what is important for him - FÖRCH has taken care of its product stock to include more than 100,000 different products, such as - various consumables, tools, various workshop chemicals, diamond equipment, construction chemicals, fasteners, pipe insulation, roof ventilation and many different other products.